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Our Recommended Feeding Instructions


Your puppy will be eating Eukanuba Large breed puppy.
Your puppy might possibly eat under half its normal amount for the first 2-4 days so we recommend the following..

We recommend feeding in the crate. It tends to help create a positive place for the puppy to enjoy his meal and if you have more pets in your home it keeps the puppy food away from the others. Also, who doesn’t like to see their cute puppy start jumping into his crate and waiting for the dining as you prepare its food.

Put plenty of food in its bowl, set it in the crate along with the water. Leave it in the crate with the puppy for around 20 minutes. Take it back out and set it back away for the day till the next feeding time. At that time, take the pooch outside to potty and you’re good to go!
Always take your puppy outside 10-20 minutes after eating or drinking.

Feed twice a day. Water 3-5 times a day depending on how active you're being with the puppy that day.
After doing the 20 min rule for the first week, you should be able to see about how much your baby is eating and start measuring it out each time.
Keep in mind every puppy is different on how much it eats. Depending on size and makeup of the puppy. 

Most puppies will not over eat till 6-8 months of age since they are growing rapidly.
Like feeding kids:).. they most times know when to push back their plate and be done.

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